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Week 3 Assignment 1 - Assignment 1 University Library...

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Assignment 1 : University Library Search The directors at MUST University go on about how the amount of students who graduate college end up with a high debt, and spend most of their paychecks on paying back financial Aid Loans. A point made is that the rate of students in debt is at 400% recently. They feel that they don’t need to teach students how to borrow responsibly, if they can afford to give them a better education without the student having a debt when they have graduated. Although these online universities may not have a traditional classroom and such things along that line they may run high in cost but at the same time they result in immense cost savings with they think should be transferred to the students, not spent in advertisement, solicitations, and web marketing. Financial Aid Provided by Online Institutes Responsible for Increase in National Student Debt for America :A study conducted by MUST University reveals increase in student debt (for
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