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Week 6 Com 156 - I feel that I would have become persuaded...

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I feel that I would have become persuaded if there had been more information and facts about the UHC through the world, and just how well it would affect the USA. I did like reading what information was there as well as the students’ thoughts and concerns on the matter. It does make sense why we need to have something like the UHC in America; however it feels as though there was not enough substantial evidence to persuade me into taking the students’ side of this argument. I have done a little research on my own and I do agree with where they were going with the words they wrote for it, we do need something that will cover all people here in America so that there is not people going without the health care that is needed to keep from illness that leads to death in our country. Again I still feel I could have been persuaded easier if there was more information put into words and research on the students’ behalf. I
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