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Personally I am a fan of music, not just one kind either, but all. This is something that there is much controversy over, mind you there has been for many years, and I do not think it will change through time either. Music is a part of almost every person’s life in one way shape or form, although it is a large form of media like the news, it is of its’ own nature. Music is something that can help us focus, or cope with sadness, and can even make us feel better through the rough times. We all have that one song that we call our favorite as well, and believe it or not music is something that channels into our emotions on a scale that most people do not think about. If you think back hundreds of years there have always been music, we have been listening to classical since before we can remember, and there has always been blues, and
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Unformatted text preview: jazz as well. These forms of music were made for more than just entertainment; they were made from the souls of people who wanted something with meaning to occupy their time with. The slaves have been singing blues and jazz since well before the days of slavery, which is when it had become the most well known, and it was from the heart that they sang. If we did not have any form of music in todays society how do you think we would react? If there was no way to express yourself other then the simpler forms of arts, how do you think we would be today in life as people, as a whole? Ask yourself these questions, take yourself back to when music began, and then think of how we would be today without it in our lives....
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