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Why is it necessary to impliment new the charter schools into the new york city system. why no invest the funding into the cuurent system with improvement. College are now complaining that they have to invest more into remedial classes. has not proven anything that they clainmed thatt they produced. The ratio hasn't changed for better. Yet the city the city has investested millions into these school this is all the forrest or rues. There must be some system of checks and balances to insure the children are learing, to insure we are not squandering tax system. Big investment such as JP morgan and Fidelity sinks millions into the new school system for exploother invesed , the monies don't just start from the cirriculum it starts from the buiding and all tha money could be reinvested into the cuurent system. The charter school system only choice students from that are gifted. Theseis only for the cream of the crop . They present their stuff mostly on paper, or politically approved. These students no longer have role models in their schools.
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