A 32macromoleculethatbeginsdigestioninthemouthb

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Unformatted text preview: or each description of development, choose either protostome (A) or deuterostome (B) 25. The blastopore eventually forms the anus B 26. Radial Indeterminate cleavage B 27. Schizocoelous development (solid masses of mesoderm split to form coelom) A Choose the term that best matches the description below. Answers may be used only once. A. Fat B. Carbohydrate C. Bicarbonate D.Protein E. Carbonic Acid F. Osmoregulator G. Osmoconformer I. Posterior Pituitary J. Pancreas K. Hypothalamus 28. The main buffer found in mammalian blood. C 29. Freshwater snails F 30. Control center of the endrocrine system K 31. Has the highest amount of energy per gram when digested in the human body. A 32. Macromolecule that begins digestion in the mouth B SHORT ANSWER (20pts): 33. Compare the early development of a snail (a mollusk) and a human (chordate). 34. Give three examples in the human body where a large surface area affects function and explain how they affect this function. 35. Pick either the human male sperm, or the human female egg. Describe its path from development to fertilization. 36. You are suddenly startled by a large bear in the...
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