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Pepsinamylase c hydrochloricacidpepsin d

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Unformatted text preview: . Peristalsis and mastication are functions of the A. Reproductive system B. Digestive system C. Circulatory system D. Respiratory system 13. In the stomach, chief cells excrete __________ while Parietal cells excrete _____________. A. Pepsin; Hydrochloric Acid B. Pepsin; Amylase C. Hydrochloric Acid ; Pepsin D. Amylase ; Lipase E. Amylase ; Pepsin 14. Generally speaking for ALL organisms, respiratory surfaces must be A. Exposed to the environment B. Large multilayer cells C. Able to filter oxygen from water D. Moist 15. Which of the following is not a principle of the respiratory system? A. Diffusion of oxygen from the medium into the blood B. Diffusion of oxygen from the blood into cells C. Carbon dioxide follows a reverse path D. Diffusion of carbon dioxide into cells E. Transport of oxygen to the tissues and cells of the body 16. Which of the following describes the path of air in the human respiratory system? A. Pharynx: Larynx : Trachea : Bronchi : Alveoli B. Nasal Cavity : Larynx: Bronchioles : Trachea : Alveo...
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