Judges(table) - Manasseh Ammonites 10:6-12:7 Ibzan Zebulun...

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Judges Judge AfFliation Opponent Reference Othniel Judah Cushan Rishatayim of Aram 3:7 - 11 Ehud Benjamin Moabites 3:12 - 30 Shamgar ? Philistines 3:31 Deborah/Barak Ephraim/ Naphtali Canaanites 4 - 5 Gideon Manasseh Midianites 6 - 8 Abimelech Manasseh 9 Tola Yissachar 10:1 - 2 Jair Gilead/ Manasseh 10:3 - 5 Jephthah Gilead/
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Unformatted text preview: Manasseh Ammonites 10:6-12:7 Ibzan Zebulun 12:8-10 Elon Zebulun 12:11-12 Abdon Ephraim? 12:13-15 Samson Dan Philistines 13-16 University of Texas, Austin Intro to the Hebrew Bible Department of Middle Eastern Studies-1-...
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