week 7 - Communication and Decision making Dr Nancy Kohn 1...

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1 Communication and Decision making Dr. Nancy Kohn . 1 MOP Announcement Reminder to students: Those of you attending the Monday lecture: Next week th 2 Monday, April 26 , is Anzac Day, a public holiday. The Topic 8 lecture will be recorded and the link available on Blackboard later in the week for you to view in lieu of attending the lecture. Outline of today’s lecture 1. Importance of communication 2. Definition of communication 3. Models of communication Interpersonal communication 3 4. Interpersonal communication 5. Organisational communication 6. Decision making
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Definitions of Communication “Communication is the transfer and understanding of meaning.” (Robbins, et al, 2009) “It is about overcoming barriers.” (Blundell, 2004) 4 ‘Communication is not a one-way transmission but a two-way transaction dialogue.’ (Johannsen, 1971, cited in Blundel, 2004) “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.” Peter Drucker (The Quotations page) Accounting Advertisements: What do employers want? Junior Business Analyst You will be CPA/CA qualified or on the way. ...Strong modelling experience with advanced excel ability. You will have excellent written and verbal communication collaboratively with your peers and clients . Ideally you will possess ....demonstrated experience of managing, motivating and integrating professional teams . Senior Reporting Analyst 5 written and verbal communication skills , be well presented and show strong commercial acumen. Senior Manager You must be either part or fully CA qualified, with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. You will thrive working within a strong corporate team and have a track record of working Senior Reporting Analyst Executive $100K+ ....In addition to technical skills, the successful applicant must be able to display confidence and first class communication skills. There will be a heavy emphasis on report writing and influencing internal stakeholders. Linear/Transmission model of communication
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week 7 - Communication and Decision making Dr Nancy Kohn 1...

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