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BUSINESS AND THE LAW LEGT 1710 Session 2, 2010 Lecturer: Leela Cejnar Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Lecturer-in-Charge: Bill Butcher Email: [email protected] Room 2038 Quadrangle Building Consultation Hours: Thursday 10am to11.30 am or by appointment Lecturer: Leela Cejnar Email: [email protected] Room 2043 Quadrangle Building Consultation Hours: Tuesday 5pm to 6pm/Thursday 4pm to 5pm or by appointment Tutor-in-Charge: Julia Roy Email: [email protected] Room 2047 Quadrangle Building Consultation Hours: Wednesday 1pm to 3pm or by appointment Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Download course materials from Blackboard – see http://www.telt.unsw.edu.au : (1) Course Outline (2) Tutorial Program You must check this site regularly. Business and the Law Lectures Times Stream A: Tuesday, 3pm-5pm in Physics Theatre Stream B: Thursday 9am-11am in Ritchie Theatre Stream C: Thursday 5pm-7pm in Rex Vowels Theatre Students must attend either the A lecture, the B lecture OR the C lecture in accordance with their enrolment. Business and the Law Tutorials Primary point of contact is your tutor Tutorials commence in Week 2 and continue to Week 13 Business and the Law Tutorials Enrol in a tutorial through myUNSW myUNSW does not allow for allocated class times to clash. Therefore, you will not be allowed to change your tutorial time if you cite clashing times as your reason.
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Business and the Law Tutorials • If you are unable to attend your assigned tutorial, or you are not enrolled in a tutorial, or if you have problems enrolling in a tutorial – contact or see the Tutor-in- charge . Tutorial allocations will not be changed after the end of Week 3. Business and the Law Tutorials • Students must attend their allocated tutorial and no other. Students attending other tutorials without permission will not be marked for attendance at that tutorial. Business and the Law Tutorials Topics and problems for each week are set out in the Tutorial Guide Each topic/problem must be prepared for discussion in class by each student Business and the Law Tutorials There will be no suggested answers given out to the tutorial questions Do not ask for answers to the tutorial questions to be given out or posted to the website. The purpose of the questions is to allow you to apply the course material and gauge your own level of competence. Simply giving you the suggested answers will defeat this purpose. Business and the Law: Course overview This course deals with: the Australian legal system; the Australian Constitution and Commonwealth/State relations; Parliament and statute law; the courts and case law; the executive and administrative law; the legal process and alternative dispute resolution; areas of substantive law relevant to commerce including torts law (with particular reference to negligence), contract law, property law, consumer law, competition law and e-commerce law.
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