Reading 2 John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism

Reading 2 John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism - John Stuart...

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John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism Review: 1. Greatest Happiness Principle means that actions are right when they promote happiness and wrong when they produce the reverse of happiness. If stealing spreads leads to a greater number of people being happy than it is jusitifed. 2. Mill argues that accusers of Epicureans believe that human beings are incapable of pleasure while swine are capable. Mill’s argument is that if the sources of pleasure were the same to human beings and to swine, the rule of life which is good enough for the one would be good enough for the other. 3. Those who have experienced only lower pleasure can’t distinguish higher for lower pleasures. Those who have experienced the pleasures of the mind and virtues as well as sensual pleasure are capable of judging. Of two pleasures if an individual prefers one over the other given that they have experienced both than that is the more desirable pleasure. Intellectual and moral pleasures are greater than physical pleasure. Higher pleasures make up in quality what they lack in
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