week 2 - This week LEGT 1710 Business and the Law TUTORIALS...

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LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Week 2 Legal Reasoning and Statutory Interpretation This week TUTORIALS START THIS WEEK (Week 2) • Any changes must be made by week 3 by contacting the Lecturer-in-Charge (Bill Butcher – b.butcher@unsw .edu.au) ASSIGNMENT 1 • Please download from Blackboard – you will find it under ASSESSMENTS • Legal Research Exercise worth 10% of our final mark • DUE IN WEEK 5 (week commencing 16 August, 2010) – to be handed to your tutor in your week 5 tutorial • Assignment Cover Sheet is attached to your Course Outline PRESCRIBED TEXT • Paul Latimer Australian Business Law, 29 th edn 2010 Reminder: NOT ALL CHAPTERS/TOPICS COVERED IN LATIMER WILL BE STUDIED IN THIS UNIT. WEEKLY READINGS/TOPICS For topics to be studied AND for your weekly readings , see Course Schedule on pp 13-14 of Course Outline LECTURE SLIDES • Weekly lecture slides in PDF on Blackboard • Please download and bring to lectures every week
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Week 1 Lecture: Review • Sources of Law in Australia: – statute law • legislation/Acts of Parliament/enacted law - judge made law • common law/equity • case law/precedent/unenacted law Week 1 Lecture: Review • Different systems of law – International (treaties etc) /domestic (Australian) – Public (government) /private (individuals/organisations) – Substantive (actual rights)/procedural (process) – Common law/civil law • Civil law – Codes (eg used in Europe, some parts of Asia etc) • Common law – Courts/Judges/Cases – civil actions (emphasis on remedies) – criminal actions (emphasis on punishment) – different standards of proof Week 1 Lecture: Review • Evolution of Australian Legal System – 1770: Capt James Cook – 1778: Arrival of first fleet – 1823: Court system established in NSW – 1828-1853: development of NSW parliament – 1855: NSW Constitution – 1865: Colonial Laws Validity Act – 1901: Federation/Commonwealth Constitution – 1931: Statute of Westminster – 1986: Australia Act – 1992: High Court’s Mabo decision (Native Title) Week 1 Lecture: Review • Origins of Australian Law – Inherited English system of law – Federation/Constitution 1901 • Levels of Government: Federal/State • Westminster system: constitutional monarchy/separation of powers/responsible government • Separation of powers: Parliament/Executive/Judiciary – 3 separate institutions • Parliament: 2 houses (House of Reps/Senate) » How Laws Made/Structure of an Act • Executive (Governor-General/Prime Minister and Cabinet/Government Ministers, Government Departments and the Public Service • Judiciary: the Judges and the Courts Week 2 Lecture: • The Judiciary – the court system – the role of the courts – the police vs the courts – Federal/State courts – Court hierarchy – Alternative methods to courts • Legal Reasoning • The Doctrine of Precedent • Statutory Interpretation Overview – Week 2 Legal reasoning, statutory interpretation On completion of this week in you should have an understanding of:
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week 2 - This week LEGT 1710 Business and the Law TUTORIALS...

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