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lab quiz 1 - 4. 6 M (meters) = _______ µm (micrometers)?...

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Quiz 1 Biological Sciences for Non-majors Laboratory Student name: ______________________________ Lab Day: _____________ 1. What are the three reasons that scientists around the world use the same system of measurement? __________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________ 2. 1g (gram) = __________kg (kilograms) 3. 5 L (Liter) = _______ mL (milliliters)?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. 6 M (meters) = _______ µm (micrometers)? 5. 10 g (grams) = _________mg (milligrams) 6. What is the system of measurement called that all scientists in the world use? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 7. How many points is each quiz worth? _______________________ 8. When measuring water in a graduated cylinder, what do you look at to ensure that the amount you are measuring is extremely accurate? ______________________________...
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