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Checkpoint: Final Project Topic In my opinion, when one selects a particular professional life, it does give that person a certain set of moral obligations. Every type of job requires that its employees have a certain degree of morals and the ability to properly execute those morals in certain situations. In my personal opinion, I think that everyone should work in a field that is rewarding, making it that much easier to do what needs to be done, such as maintaining a certain level of confidence. If we as people are able to achieve this goal, we would not only live fulfilling lives, but we could easily positively influence other people’s lives for the better. A majority of people grow up with a certain set of morals. When we’re young, we develop these morals from or guardians, teachers and all around role models. Depending on what morals we obtain in our youth, will determine what type of people we grown up to be. This is especially important in the workplace. Since we all didn’t
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