PHI 105 Week 2 DQ - Discussion Question#1 In 1818 according...

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Discussion Question #1 In 1818, according to German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, "Thus the world must be recognized, from one aspect at least, as akin to a dream, indeed as capable of being put in the same class with a dream." His idea reflects the 19th century question about the nature of experience. In comparing the views of David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, and Arthur Schopenhauer, which view of experience seems closest to how you view the world? Briefly explain this philosopher's view as it compares to your view. Each and every one of these philosophers contained the insight to offer questions of the world, reality, and the self. Some of them were more concerned with personal experience and the nature of existence. I think that the view of experience that seems closest to how I view the world would be the views of David Hume. The reason I chose him is because I have always been skeptical and willing to question assumptions. To Hume, experience is strictly sensual, and knowledge is only available through causality. Since you see the sun rise every morning, the truth must be that the sun rises every
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PHI 105 Week 2 DQ - Discussion Question#1 In 1818 according...

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