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Accounts receivable - BYp1-7 The purpose of the balance...

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Accounts receivable= Liabilty and operating Property, plant, and equipment = Asset and investment Food and beverage operations revenue= revenue Golf course operations revenue Inventory= asset and operating activity Office and general expense=expense and operating activity Professional fees expense= expense and operating activity Wages and benefits= expense and operating activity P1-3a Income Statement Revenue 7,000 Supplies Expense= 1,000 Gas and Oil expense=600 Utilities expense=300 Wage Expense=1,400 Advertising expense= 400 Total Expense= 3,700 Net Income 4,600 Retained Earning Add: Net Income= 4,600
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Less dividends= 2,000 Retained earnings=6,600 Balance Sheet Cash=4,600 Accounts receivable=4,000 Revenue= 7,000 Supplies=2,400 Liabilities and Stockholders Notes Payable= 12,000 Accounts payable=500
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Unformatted text preview: BYp1-7 The purpose of the balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of a sole proprietorship or company. Assets, liabilities and ownership equity and its pretty much defined as a snapshot of a company’s financial condition. Chapter 2 Accounts payable=CL Accounts Receivable=RE Accumulated depreciation=CL Buildings=PPE Cash and short term investments=LTI Dividends payable=RE Goodwill=IA Income tax=current liabilities Inventories=CA Investments=LTI Land=PPE Long term debt=LTL Materials and supplies=PPE Office equipment=PPE Paid expenses= current asset Buildings=PPE P2-4a A. 50,000 B. 100,000 C. 25,000 BYP 2-9 A. McDonnell Douglas B. Issues is that the disclosure if an information airplane company boeing....
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Accounts receivable - BYp1-7 The purpose of the balance...

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