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GEOG 1001 Chapter 1 Amanda Hymel The meaning of development is important, because in the textbook we are looking at world regional geography from a development approach. Development is defined by economic, political, and social factors. The economic, political, and/or social circumstances of different countries is brought about in the process of change or lack of change. The process or change that goes along with development leads to economic, political, and/or social improvement The three revolution discussed in chapter one, The Agricultural Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, and The Information Revolution are important. The Agricultural Revolution is what started the raising of crops, this caused people to stop relying solely on hunting and fishing and more of herding and breeding livestock. The Industrial Revolution introduced the production of manufactured
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Unformatted text preview: goods, along with better technology and larger workforces. The Information Revolution is going on right now, with cellphones, internet, satellites. It is making it easier to stay in contact with different parts of the world by simply searching the web. They are great moments in the history of human change. These revolutions have have tremendous impact on both humanity and culture. Globalization is not a new process, is important because it affects our whole world. Globalization is bringing the large world we live in closer together. It is able to eliminate difference from place to place. Globalization makes the world a network , in which we trade and communicate through. Globalization forces all the nations of the world to work together . Globalization is being used in order to develop the world....
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