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Judaism Overview - 9 Circumcision… Why one must be...

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Judaism Overview Abraham, Moses…David, Solomon 1. Identify of being a Jew, derivation of the words Jew, Hebrew and Israel 2. Hebrew Bible, Pentateuch, Naviem, Kathviem… 3. Talmud, how many rules does it contain? 4. Four Judaic Groups 5. When a man can divorce his wife? 6. First temple and second temple? 7. Temple worship and Synagogue worship 8. Covenant
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Circumcision… Why one must be circumcised 10. Ten Commandments 11. Yahweh (its literal meaning), burning bush 12. Judaism as a monotheistic religion… 13. Talmud and its rules and regulations (How many?) 14. Dietary laws 15. Jewish Holidays (Sabbath, Passover etc.) 16. Meaning of the word ‘Messiah’ 17....
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