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Funches 1 Macharia Funches Professor Judkins English 106 12/15/2010 Animal Testing: Social Good or Not? It is dark; the only fresh air that is provided for you is let in through a few small perforated holes in the small cell that has become your home. You look both left and right and see that your previous neighbors lie still, lifeless at the bottom of their barren cell. Realizing that you were the lucky one you breathe a sigh of relief, however this feeling is short-lived, knowing that shortly your friends will be swept out of their cells into a black bag and the cell will be sterilized for new members. You soon bounce back into a constant state of panic, knowing that soon the tests will resume, and next time you may not be so lucky. Surrounded by dying cell mates day in and day out; some of the horrors that you see are almost unspeakable of. All you wish to do is escape and roam free; however, you will most likely never get that chance. The only thing that you can do is sit in your small dim cell with your thoughts. You recall how you have actually witnessed some of your friends develop insanity because of the large amount of stress that you all experience from constantly wondering if you will be the next to die. Another factor that plays into the insanity that they develop is the sterility and boredom of their environment. Several of your cell mates have developed habits such as spinning in circles, rocking back and forth, gnawing at their own skin, and pulling out their own hair. You also recall the squeals of agony and pain which can be easily heard all throughout the cold barren laboratory, friends cry out in pain, however, soon there is silence. A large metal door creaks open
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Funches 2 and you hear the all too familiar click clack of hard soled shoes walking around which are worn by a man wearing some sort of white coat. Immediately, the nervous heart pounding squeals begin as you and every single one of your friends begin to choke with anticipation, knowing that the ensuing test could possibly be your last. While you might be held at some sort of special medical facility where day in and day out they prod you with needles, perhaps an acquaintance of yours is held at a local middle school where he or she will soon be at the mercy of a sixth grader eager to learn about the insides of your species. Either way, both you and your friend are being held in captivity and will have experiments conducted upon you against your will. Animal testing has been going on for several years and the imaginary situation that has been mentioned above is what actually occurs in many pharmaceutical testing complexes. Cosmetics, household cleaners, and other products that are used by consumers are frequently tested on animals. Animals are forced to inhale toxic fumes, intake pesticides, and are doused in corrosive chemicals. Much of the testing that occurs with animals provides an extremely large amount of valuable medical information; however, this information comes at a price. Countless
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FINAL ENGLISH ESSAY - Funches 1 Macharia Funches Professor...

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