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Human Impact Essay Redrafted

Human Impact Essay Redrafted - Funches 1 Macharia Funches...

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Funches 1 Macharia Funches Professor Judkins English 106 10/1/2010 The Telescope Step back for a moment and imagine life as you know it now. For the most part you have clean water, good hospital care, access to a wide variety of goods, and there are no real shortages of resources. All of these factors are a result of the US’ once mighty and powerful economy. The fact of the matter is that the economy is largely driven by war. “Twenty-five hundred years ago the Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." This quote has proved relevant even today. Because of the US’ advantage in terms of reconnaissance we are able to know our enemy almost as well as we know ourselves, thus giving us a mighty military advantage. Our military success directly relates to the quality of life that is experienced here in the US. The US war machine has given us the greatly valued amenities that have been mentioned earlier. One key tool has allowed U.S. soldiers, to operate covertly in unfamiliar and hostile territory, to know where their allies are, where their enemies are, and what each is doing. This tool also enables troops to be able receive commands and report statuses. What is this tool? The answer is satellite communications. (Donald H. Martin, “A History of U.S. Military Satellite Communication Systems”) A major reason why the US has been so successful in terms of its military experience is because of the enormous amount of intelligence we are able to funnel into the country through
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Funches 2 our telescopic spy satellites in space. Our telescopic satellites also give us an advantage in terms of communications with our military personnel. Without these satellites we would be ignorant of our enemy’s actions and be without key communications, leaving the battle and therefore the lifestyle that we are accustomed to up to chance. My point is that our satellites provide us with key Intel that results in our victory in battle and secures our current way of life. Without our satellites society could possibly change for the worse. For example in a future without satellites and a military advantage we might not have clean water, or good hospital care, access to a wide variety of goods, and there could possibly shortages of resources. This is why satellites are so valuable. The satellite is a far descendant from the telescope. The idea of taking one’s enemy and studying them from a distance all began with the telescope. The oldest clear hint of a telescopic system dates back to Fracastoro in 1538. Although nothing more than a large blurry object could be seen through the first telescopic system, one fact remained crystal clear. This fact was that the magnification of an object or objects without allowing one to be able to view details was virtually useless. However, a simple change was made by a man named Johannes Lipperhey.
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