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During the sixteen and seventeen hundreds the telescope really was just being introduced to society. However, within a short amount of time a man named Galileo Galilei was able to take the design of the telescope and modify it in such a way that allowed him to achieve greater magnification power than had previously been attained. Galileo used the telescope to make a profit by of selling it to princes for the purpose of war. Galileo also used the telescope to make one of the biggest discoveries in the history of space exploration. Without this discovery we would most likely still not understand the motion of planets in space till this day. However, more importantly Galileo’s work did not end with him. Galileo’s discoveries would live on to inspire and aid Sir Isaac Newton in his academic endeavors. Galileo’s telescopic discoveries aided him in his work and enabled him to develop
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Unformatted text preview: scientific theories which inspired and set a foundation for Sir Isaac Newton’s work. Sir Isaac Newton used Galileo’s theories to develop his own which have eventually given birth to modern science as we know it today. Modern Science is a direct result of Newton’s famous work, which means that it is also a result of Galileo’s work which was able to be done through the use of the telescope which was invented by Johannes Lipperhey. Telescopes are the foundation for all military targeting systems. The concept of taking one’s enemy from far away and putting them in front of you would have seemed almost like magic before the invention of the telescope. The first use of the telescope in the military occurred in 1600....
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