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in_class_free_write - Woke up before alarm went off at 7:00...

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Woke up before alarm went off at 7:00 went back to sleep Woke up before alarm went off again this time at 8:16 went back to sleep This time woke up at 8: 45 I slid off of my lofted bed onto my chair And gathered my showering pail Then went to the bathroom, showered Got back into the room and 8:55 While getting dressed I found it difficult to find socks Eventually I found the socks While peacefully sleeping I jerked awake after getting the sudden feeling that I was falling, after letting my heart rate climb down a bit I glanced at my phone and found that it was only 7:00 so I immediately paced my heading back down on my cool pillow and drifted back into a deep state of sleep. Yet again I woke up on my own without the sound of my alarm clock, this time I’m not sure what caused the sudden interruption of sleep, and again I looked at my phone and found it to be 8:16 and so now more annoyed I
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