Nissan Juke SUV Paper - As the smell of burning rubber and...

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As the smell of burning rubber and exhaust fumes fill the air tires beneath a sleek sexy silver Aston Martin churn with a force as if they were turning the earth beneath it. People along the street stand with their mouths agape as they look at the stone cold expression of the man in the driver’s seat. The Aston Martin drifts around a corner swerving from side to side and finally comes to a screeching halt. Amongst the smoke filled air it’s not a race car who steps out from the driver’s seat, but instead two brilliantly polished black dress shoes click clack on the concrete and a man in a crisp grey suit steps out of the car and says the name’s Bond, James Bond. This image of the masculinity portrayed through the swerving sexy automobile and the sharp dressed man is a common reoccurring theme which has been embraced by males in almost every society. The image conveys the idea that a man in a powerful sports car is a man who is bold and in complete control of not only himself but those around him. By showing the calm collected driver performing these amazing feats in the automobile the viewer, mesmerized realizes that the man inside the car is in full control and that the car he is driving has given him this control. Of course really we all know that it is not the car but the expertly trained stunt driver who is making all of the movie magic possible but when watching the television for a moment we don’t want to
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Nissan Juke SUV Paper - As the smell of burning rubber and...

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