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reflective essay 7 - After reading Barbara Smuts Apes of...

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After reading Barbara Smuts’ Apes of Wrath and discussing the story in class the topic of whether or not human society was like the Ape society was especially interesting to me. Many people state that Apes are uncivilized and that they might as well have a lawless and unorganized society. I believe that this is completely false. The primal society and the human society both have several common place facets. In fact humans are simply more advanced animals. The society of primates is based solely on aggression and dominance. In it males are responsible for establishing their territory by essentially being the Alfa male or being the strongest or biggest primate. In several cases males will join together and will establish a sort of tribe which will compete for territory and females. These primates are grounded into a society where it is of the upmost importance that they be dominant and powerful. If they are not then there is the possibility that other primates will approach them and do whatever is necessary to take that piece of territory or to mate with their females. These patterns have been seen before
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reflective essay 7 - After reading Barbara Smuts Apes of...

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