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Reflective Essay_#1 - Funches 1 Macharia Funches English...

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Funches 1 Macharia Funches English 106 Professor Judkins 8/27/2010 What Engineering Means to Me Engineering has been defined as: “the application of science and mathematics”, the study of science to “make things”, and “a bunch of math”. While these simple definitions are all correct, they are also overwhelmingly inadequate. The study of engineering did not begin with humans; we have only applied it to specifically benefit our species, and through it we have taken ourselves into an age our ancestors would without a doubt have deemed impossible. I have observed engineering from its most primitive stages to its highest and most sophisticated applications. For example my African Grandmother cooks food and lights her house in a manner my American Grandmother would only use when camping. As an Engineer, I will be immersed in an intellectually challenging world of a science which is used by billions of people from the minute they wake up, dragging their hands to the snooze button of their alarm clocks, to the minute they turn off the light switch before drifting off to sleep. Engineering is a science that would not only explain how an inferno could ignite a
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Reflective Essay_#1 - Funches 1 Macharia Funches English...

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