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Funches 1 Macharia Funches English106 Professor Judkins 9/10/2010 EPICS As previously stated in my first reflective essay I believe that providing service to one’s community is extremely important. Without people helping and caring for each other society as a whole would not be able to progress. Community service is of the upmost importance to me because I believe that every man or woman has a duty to find a way to help his or her fellow man or woman every day. Aside from being especially fond of math and science the reason that I chose to study Engineering was because I knew that for a living I wanted to do something which involved going out into the world and helping people in some form or fashion. Engineering seemed like something that people used every day of their lives and thus seemed to be the occupation which had the potential to have the greatest effect on people. Community service will play a major role in my job because essentially it will be completely focused around serving people. When I say serving people I mean this is the sense that my job will basically consist of finding ways to better people’s quality of life, whether that be through environmental, Mechanical, Biomedical,
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reflective_essay_3 - Funches 1 Macharia Funches English106...

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