Chapter 5 quiz - Question 1 1. A paragraph that focuses on...

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Question 1 1. A paragraph that focuses on the reasons for something is developed according to which method? Answer Illustration Comparison or contrast Cause and effect Problem and solution 1 points Question 2 1. Generally speaking, business language used to be ________ it is today. Answer less formal than. more formal than. about as formal as. simpler than. 1 points Question 3 1. Which of the following is a compound sentence? Answer Employee turnover is low, and productivity is increasing. Because turnover is low, productivity is increasing. Productivity, which once was low, is now increasing. With turnover so low, productivity will certainly increase. 1 points Question 4 1. Which type of software feature inserts a ready-made block of text when you type the first few characters? Answer Machine translation
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Autocompletion Autocorrection 1 points Question 5 1. Which of the following sentences contains the strongest and most effective wording? Answer Given the parameters of the situation, the most propitious choice would be to make adjustments in certain budget areas. We need to cut the operating budget by 12 percent or profits will plummet. Someone's going to need to do some budget cutting around here or heads will roll. Perusal of budgetary figures reveals that a 12 percent reduction in operations is called for if we are to stave off a negative impact on profits. 1 points Question 6 1. A complex sentence is one characterized by Answer two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction. a single subject and a single predicate plus any modifying phrases. two or more independent clauses along with all modifying phrases. an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses related to it. 1 points Question 7 1. When you are criticizing or correcting, it is best to Answer focus on what the person can do to improve. emphasize a person's mistakes so that he or she will not make the same mistakes again. be honest and call attention to the person's failures or shortcomings. make the person an example for everyone else to learn from.
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Chapter 5 quiz - Question 1 1. A paragraph that focuses on...

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