Chapter 6 quiz - Question 1 A computer thesaurus catches...

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Question 1 A computer thesaurus catches punctuation as well as grammar errors. highlights phrases in passive voice. suggests correct spelling. can help you find just the right word for a given situation. Question 2 When it comes to paragraph length use long paragraphs with detailed information for direct-mail letters. use long paragraphs if you want your document to look more inviting. keep all paragraphs to fewer than 60 words. use one-sentence paragraphs only occasionally, for emphasis. Question 3 "The above-mentioned book" is an example of a redundancy. a strung-out sentence. an indefinite pronoun starter. an awkward reference. Question 4 "Visible to the eye" is an example of a cliché. redundancy. the passive voice. obsolete language. Question 5 Informative headings and subheadings simply identify topics covered in the document. guide readers to think a certain way about the topics covered. are easier to write than descriptive headings. are less helpful to readers than descriptive headings. Question 6 Which of the following is an example of a hedging sentence? The report seems to be incomplete. The deadline is next Tuesday.
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The financial statement needs to have two sections. none of these is hedging. Question 7 Desktop publishing software is intended for use by communication professionals only. does not allow you to add color, photographs, and clip art to documents provides "style sheets" that help ensure a consistent look to your documents. requires intensive, highly specialized training. Question 8 When creating a list for a business document always use bullets, rather than numbers or letters. keep in mind that the items need not be parallel. be sure to introduce them clearly.
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Chapter 6 quiz - Question 1 A computer thesaurus catches...

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