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time moniter - I prefer to study at school I think being...

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Yi Chen FSM-M10 07-05-2010 Time Monitor I am spending the time in sleeping and studying. I prefer sleeping late and staying up late at night. This routine fits my study and life. Actually I don’t have that much works to do. So I have enough time to sleep. As a student, I think it is very normal that spending much time in studying. I spend least amount of time in travelling. I like travelling, but I don’t have money and time to travel. My priority is studying. From Monday to Friday, I all have class. I spend much time in doing homework and preparing the test. Especially my English is poor. So I think I should spend more time than other students.
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Unformatted text preview: I prefer to study at school. I think being home alone is more distracting than being at school with a lot of people. At home, it would be so easy to turn on the computer or the television and go do something else. I might tell myself that it's okay to play a computer game now and make up the study hours later. I plan to study at night. I wake up late. I don’t have much time to study in the morning. After supper, I have enough time to do homework and read the book. In addition, studying at night is my own study habit. I learn at night more effectively than learn in the morning. I think reading before going to sleep can enhance memory....
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