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Yi Chen BUS175 10-20-2010 7. I think she doesn’t have that right. Because the Federal Arbitration Act provides that an arbitration clause in a contract relating to an interstate transaction is valid, irrevocable, and enforceable. When a contract subject to the Federal Arbitration Act provides for the arbitration of disputes, the parties are bound to arbitrate in accordance with the federal statute even if the agreement to arbitrate would not be binding under state law. 10. Gateway’s agreement tells us decision of the arbitrator will be final. Such a clause is binding on the parties, even when the decision is wrong, and can be set aside only if there is clear proof of fraud, arbitrary conduct, or a significant procedural error. 11. I think this arbitration was required. North American used its own purchase order form as provided in the terms set forth on the back of the order. Mostek didn’t refuse,
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Unformatted text preview: began to act on the purchase order. It indicated Mostek have voluntarily agreed to arbitrate, so their agreement will control the scope of the dispute. 13. The law of access to judicial records and documents has been built on federal and state laws, court rules, state constitutions and the common law, which is the law as developed in court opinions. The attorneys question the potential jurors to determine if a juror should be challenged for cause. Challenges for cause are unlimited, but each side can also exercise six to eight peremptory challenges. Lawyers have the opportunity to remove jurors who know parties in the case or who indicate they have already formed opinions about guilt or innocence. In this case, Mr. Guber and Ms. Ryder together worked for three films. I think it may form Mr. Guber’s opinions about guilt....
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