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Yi Chen BUS175 11-21-2010 Chapter 10 1. Yes, Starbucks does. Under the Madrid System of International Registration of Marks, China became a party to a treaty providing for the international registration of marks. Before the mark can be the subject of an international application, it must have already been registered of applied for. Xingbake had registered its own business name – ‘Xingbake Coffee Co. Ltd’. – with the Shanghai authorities before Starbucks’ opening. And ‘xing’ translates from Mandarin as ‘star’ and ‘ba-ke’ is an approximate phonetic rendition of ‘bucks’. Although Starbucks does not officially use this rough translation in China, the word ‘Xingbake’ has become synonymous with the US firm’s outlets amongst the public. So Starbucks had standing to bring suit in China against Xingbake Café Corp. Ltd, alleging trademark infringement. 3. Banion should register patent, such as utility patent, design patent. Then he would obtain protection for his mask works under federal law. 5. BAA, owns the name "Boston Marathon" and the defendants' shirts imprinted with
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