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Yi Chen BUS175 11-24-2010 Chapter 11 3. No, they were wrong. The interactive web site, in conjunction with the television advertising, the plaintiff single telephone call for making their reservation, and the reservation confirmation letter received from the defendant, to rule that these forums related activities by the plaintiffs did not rise to the level of “systematic and continuous” contacts necessary for the exercise of general personal jurisdiction in New Hampshire. 5. I think the subpoena should be quashed as Verizon requests. The subpoena applies to all Internet service providers within the scope of the DMCA, not just to those service providers storing information on a system or network at the direction of a user. So I think Verizon should comply with the properly issued and supported subpoena from RIAA seeking the identity of the alleged infringer. 7. 10th Circuit holds that a University professor has no reasonable expectation of privacy in an office computer supplied for his use by the University which employed him. This
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