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Chapter 16 - 10 I think the corporation was correct 14 No...

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Chapter 16 1. a. effort of violation; b. statutory regulation of contracts; c. licensed callings or dealings; d. contracts in restraint of trade; e. agreements not to compete; f. usurious agreements 6. Public policy requires that freedom of contract remain inviolate except only in cases when the particular contract violates some principle which is of even greater importance to the general public. The adoption agency needs to protect the children. So this contract can’t be unenforceable. 7. No, the defense was not valid. In this case, Red Devil Fireworks Co. knew the sale was illegal, but the agreement has been performed, so this company can sue Sidder to obtain damages.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. I think the corporation was correct. 14. No, Annex wasn’t entitled to recover. The president was a licensed builder, but as a corporation, Annex didn’t have the license, so it wasn’t entitled to recover. 15. Given the explicit language printed on the back of the ticket and included on the promotional materials, Yarde's reliance on any purported conflicting representation was unwarranted. It had an enforceable right to renew tickets even in the face of a decision by the Patriots to revoke tickets as a disciplinary measure when a fan was arrested in the stadium....
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