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Chapter 17 - contract 11 The payment required was on the 15...

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Yi Chen BUS175 1-5-2011 Chapter 17 1. Under the Part performance doctrine, if the buyer has taken possession of the land under an oral contract, the oral contract for the sale of land will be enforced. So I think Kelly wasn’t entitled to the 20-foot strip. 2. The contract was binding. The letter stated that the oral contract had been made and set forth all of its items. It was an evident that they had reached the stage in negotiations of executing their written
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Unformatted text preview: contract. 11. The payment required was on the 15 th day of the month following the submission of invoice by Fergusson. 14. In this case, the language of a contract (including a prize-winning contest) is ambiguous, it leaves an uncertainty to its meaning. The language should be interpreted most strongly against the party who caused the uncertainty to exist....
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