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Chapter 19 - the itemized monthly settlement statements...

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Yi Chen BUS175 1-12-2011 Chapter 19 1. Yes. McMullen has compliance with Richardson that the building would be expensive than before. In addition, McMullen has substantially performed the contract to construct the building. McMullen has the right to discharge from the contract to build the apartment house. 2. Badcock would claim that Badcock was entitled to the money it claimed under the contract. Mitchell had accepted the calculations and signed the transfer document, we can conclude that claims were precluded by accord and satisfaction between the parties occurring when Mitchell accepted, without protest, the monthly commission checks and
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Unformatted text preview: the itemized monthly settlement statements showing the deductions from the commission in full satisfaction of the commission due. 4. No, it is wrong. The contract was made by Metalcrafters and Lamar. Samet was the head of the research. Then he was dead. But the design may be as well performed by others. Metalcrafters’ claim was not object. 12. No, the contractor was wrong. Most courts interpret pay-when-paid clauses to require the general contractor to pay the subcontractor within a "reasonable time" after the work is completed, even if the owner has not paid the general contractor....
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