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Yi Chen BUS175 1-19-2011 Chapter 20 1. Failure to complete the job on time was occurred just because the school district. No, it was not ethical. When the contract delayed the time, The Forsyth School District allowed Textor to continue performance. We can conclude that The Forsyth School District has waived the breach. 6. A party to a contract, who agrees to accept a sum as liquidated damages, cannot sue for actual damages. In this case, the seller said the damages that he had suffered were more than the down payment. The seller had his intention fault, he can’t keep the down payment. 7. No, Security Safety was not entitled. Time was lacking for an opportunity for Security Safety to incur much expense of
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Unformatted text preview: performance. The stipulated sum is unreasonably and grossly disproportionate to the real damages from the breach. In these circumstances, the aggrieved party will be awarded no more than his actual damage. 12. No, this provision was invalid. The amount of damages for breach of an employment contract could easily be measured and proved at trial and that the contractual formula fixing damages at full salary without considering how long the employee would need to find a new job or the probable earnings from substitute employment was unreasonable on its face....
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