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MATH 135 Algebra, Assignment 7 Due: Wed Nov 4, 8:30 am 1: (a) Find the smallest non-negative integer x such that x 41 (mod 9). (b) Find the integer x which has the smallest absolute value such that x 568 (mod 41). (c) What day of the week will it be 1000 days after a Monday? (d) What time of day will it be 1000 hours after 5:00 pm? (e) Exactly what time of day will it be 1 million seconds after 5:00 pm? 2: (a) Find all positive integers m such that 126 35 (mod m ). (b) Find the remainder when the integer 100 X k =1 k ! is divided by 13. (c) Find the remainder when the integer 40! 2 20 · 20! is divided by 8. 3: Most recent books are identified by their International Standard Book Number , or ISBN, which is a 10-digit number, separated into four blocks. The ISBN for our course text book is 0-13-184868-2. Here the first block of digits, 0, represents the language of the book (English), the second block, 13, represents the publisher (Pearson Prentice Hall), the third block, 184868, is the number assigned to the book by the publisher, and the last block,
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