Brenda's interview Law and Employment Relations-Shelle Ritchie

Brenda's interview Law and Employment Relations-Shelle Ritchie

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Law and Employment Relations3420-90 Shelle Ritchie Employer Interview – Due August 3, 2010 General I am interviewing Brenda at Big Chef. What is your job type? Controller 1. What is your job description? In charge of all accounting, Human Resources, Manage Personal, Compile Financial statements, advice owner on business deals and decisions. Checking to see that everybody’s paperwork is compete. Example: you have system in place that double check to make sure that work is done right and is complete- till sheets is an example of a needed item to be double checked. 2. What is the best part about your job? Managing other employees and working with them, helping gain an understanding of their job and how thing are done or just helping them if they need a hand because that is what manager need to do. Being able to lead by example not afraid to get your hands dirty as a manager. Working right alongside your employees, you’ll have a more honest and trust relationships; you will get more work from them, because you’re more willing to do work for them. Participative management helps empower supervisors and subordinates and I will keep on doing it with my employees because it really works in the company; it keeps them from sending out resumes. I train people in, so I be in leading by example and showing them how to do the job correctly with patience and little humor don’t hurt and makes for a good working environment. 3. What is the worst part? When I have to fire people, and I have two people tomorrow. What are some of the reasons you have to fire people most for ? For not showing up to work, Employee theft, Not treating customers appropriately. 4. Having to do it over again, would you choose the same profession? No. If so, why or if not, why not? I would have gone to school to be a teacher, but this has been a good job for me; I have had a lot interesting experiences and met very unique people to get to where I am today. 1. What do you think are three most important qualifications when you hire a new employee? Company Loyalty, trustworthiness, dependability 2. How do you tell that have those qualifications? I look at how long they have been at their previous employment and I check their other references. 3. Do you use pre-employment screening tests (physicals, credit checks, employment history, background checks, criminal background checks, etc.)?No, but we do references on previous employment only. 4. Where do you find your Employees through? We hired some through arrangement with their parole officers. Some through the school OJT program and job list and others through MN Workforce Center. 1
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5. Any hiring requirements (education, experience, background)? No, except for what is required by the government we have or have not added any policy or require from our business that would justify a requirement to do so. Do employees have to sign noncompetition, confidentiality agreements? No 6. Do you have an employee policy and procedure manual? Yes, just what is required to have by the government to
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Brenda's interview Law and Employment Relations-Shelle Ritchie

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