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Com 321 Midterm MC and True and False 1. According to the structural frame, when defining an organization’s structure, the key consideration should involve: a) allocation of responsibilities across different units and members, as well as the integration of these efforts in pursuit of capital goods b) the number of organizational levels and their breadth c) the level of centralization versus decentralization of responsibilities d) how to effectively motivate organizational members to maximize their performance e) thinking about the long term developmental needs of employees 2. It would be appropriate for a work team to examine its working processes when” a) its task changes b) maintaining harmony becomes the main concern of team members c) one task is complete and there is time to spare d) all of the above e) none of the above 3. If employees are unclear about what they are supposed to do, they often: a) tailor their roles around the most professional standards b) tailor their roles around personal preferences c) tailor their roles around industry standards d) tailor their roles around organizational goals e) none of the above 4. According to the structural frame, an organization’s structure should not be dependent upon: a) its workforce b) goals c) emotional considerations d) technology e) none of the above 5. The two primary methods of coordinating individual and group efforts and linking local initiatives with overall organizational goals are: a) monthly and bi-annual coordination b) weekly and monthly coordination
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c) email and video conferencing coordination d) vertical and lateral coordination e) none of the above 6. Which is not one of the four characteristics of the intuitive “blink” process a) conscious b) very fast c) holistic d) results in “affective judgements” e) all of the above 7. Social needs: a) are usually dysfunctional b) can be expressed in a variety of ways c) have little influence on behaviour at work d) can be eliminated if managers wish to prevent interaction e) all of the above 8. Which of the following is least accurate? a) a wide variety of needs operate at work b) high productivity results when organizational rewards satisfy individual needs c) satisfying higher level needs is only important for professional workers d) The lower the level of worker needs, the less varied the organizational rewards required to achieve acceptable organizational outcomes e) all of the above are equally accurate 9. As a result of a shift from a production-intensive to an information-intensive global economy. ... a) Manufacturing jobs are making a comeback.
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ob test - Com 321 Midterm MC and True and False 1....

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