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COM 322 - Chapter 2 Notes - COM 322 Chapter 2 Legal...

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COM 322 – Chapter 2 Legal Framework of HRM Canada has two sets of legislation 1. Federal – laws apply to everyone who resides in Canada 2. Provincial – laws apply only in that province Federal – applies to only about 10% of Canadian employees employed by the government department and agencies, crown corporations, and other industries under federal jurisdictions Provincial – own legislation that covers employment standards, human rights, labour relations, and worker health and safety Common Law Body of law developed because of judicial decisions Contract Law Laws that relate to legal and binding agreements Statutory Law Government regulations EI and CPP Regulated by federal law, but all employees are covered EI – provides payment if you lose your job CPP – provides pension for when you retire Federal Employment Laws Two basic employment laws: 1. Canada Labour Code: covers basic employment conditions, labour relations, and health and safety 2. Canadian Human Rights Act: administered by the committee to make decisions on complaints involving discrimination and harassment Privacy Legislation Two primary laws – one applies only to federal companies and one for everyone 1. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) 2. Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA) Both enhance protection of employee’s personal information. Organizations can’t collect personal information or disclose any
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COM 322 - Chapter 2 Notes - COM 322 Chapter 2 Legal...

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