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ast2037_hw1_fall2037_solns - molecules 3 What are the...

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Astronomy 2037 – Homework #1 Due at the beginning of class on 7 September 2010 1. What is the fundamental energy source powering the Sun? What material is needed for it? Nuclear fusion Hydrogen is the fuel 2. What does Professor Eikenberry claim is the MOST important chemical element for life on Earth? What makes that element so special? Carbon Carbon has 4 electrons in it outer shell, which allows it to make a LOT of complex
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Unformatted text preview: molecules 3. What are the materials that make up DNA? What structural form does DNA take and why is that important? Amino acids (rungs of the ladder) and phosphate-sugars (“backbone” of the structure). DNA forms a double helix, which allows it to “unzip” and “re-zip” during replication....
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