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AST 2037 – Lecture Schedule Spring 2008 (as of January 7, 2008) Date Lecture Topic Reading Tue, Jan 8 Overview and Goals Thu, Jan 10 Intro to Science/Astronomy Chapter 2 Tue, Jan 15 Life on Earth Chapter 7 Thu, Jan 17 Life on Earth Tue, Jan 22 Origins of Life on Earth Chapters 8, 11 Thu, Jan 24 Development of Life on Earth Chapter 9 Tue, Jan 29 Development of Life on Earth Thu, Jan 31 Extreme Life on Earth Chapter 10 Tue, Feb 5 Review/Contingency Thu, Feb 7 Exam I Tue, Feb 12 Requirements for Life Thu, Feb 14 Astrophysics of Life Chapters 3-6 Tue, Feb 19 Astrophysics of Life Thu, Feb 21 Extraterrestrial Life: What Do We Expect? Tue, Feb 26 Life on Mars (?) Chapters 13-14
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Unformatted text preview: Thu, Feb 28 Life on Mars (?) Tue, Mar 4 Review/Contingency Thu,Mar 6 Exam II Tue, Mar 11 No Class (Spring Break) Thu, Mar 13 No Class (Spring Break) Tue, Mar 18 Life on Venus (?) Chapter 12 Thu, Mar 20 Life on Giant Planets & Their Moons (?) Chapter 15 Tue, Mar 25 Habitable Zones Chapter 16 Thu, Mar 27 Search for Extrasolar Planets Chapter 17 Tue, Apr 1 Search for Extrasolar Planets Thu, Apr 4 How Common is Life? Tue, Apr 8 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Chapter 18 Thu, Apr 10 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Chapters 19-20 Tue, Apr 15 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Chapters 21-22 Thu, Apr 17 Review/Contingency Tue, Apr 22 Exam III...
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