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Assessing and Monitoring Program Process Required reading: RLF, Chapter 6 In the last chapter we talked about describing the intended program theory and assessing that theory. In this chapter we discuss how to describe and assess and monitor program process and implementation. Now we are primarily interested in finding out whether a program is being implemented as it was intended to be implemented and how well that process is working. In general, we want to learn the specific details of program implementation to inform program managers (e.g., for formative purposes), program sponsors and funders (e.g., for summative purposes), and evaluators (e.g., to help write an implementation evaluation report or to help explain impact assessment data). There are five major sections in this chapter: What is Program Process Evaluation and Monitoring? Perspectives on Program Process Monitoring. Monitoring Service Utilization. Monitoring Organizational Functions. Analysis of Program Process Monitoring Data. What is Program Process Evaluation and Monitoring? According to RLF program process evaluation is also know as implementation evaluation. Program process monitoring is just an extension of program process evaluation in that in program process
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the data are systematically collected repeatedly over time . The systematic documentation of aspects of program implementation that are indicative of whether the program is being delivered as promised and is functioning as intended, according to appropriate standards. In this chapter the focus is on monitoring program performance related to program process (process monitoring ); in the next chapter we will focus on monitoring program outcomes (outcome monitoring ). Thinking back to the last chapter which was on program theory (i.e., process theory and impact theory), the focus of this chapter is on program monitoring, which involves measuring and assessing the actual implementation of the process theory (including service utilization and program organization). On pages 171-172, RLF provide a nice list of questions to get you started on what you may want to consider examining as you conduct a program process evaluation and monitoring . Obviously many of these questions will not apply to some programs, you will need to tailor the questions to your particular program, and you will need to add additional questions that are needed in your particular context and circumstances. I will repeat the seventeen- questions here for your convenience: 1. How many persons are receiving services? 2. Are those receiving services the intended targets? 3. Are they receiving the proper amount, type, and quality of services? 4.
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rlf6 - Assessing and Monitoring Program Process Required...

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