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American Chief Executive Midterm Review

American Chief Executive Midterm Review - 19 Unitary...

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PLSC 4223-01 Spring 2009 Midterm Review Dr. Dowdle Section One – Identification-Worth fifty points-Answer six of nine 1. Executive agreement 2. Executive privilege 3. Frontloading 4. Going public 5. Issue advocacy 6. Judicial appointment process, recent changes in 7. Legislative strategy, George W. Bush 8. Line item veto 9. McConnell v. Federal Election Commission 10. Multiple advocacy 11. Permanent campaign 12. Presidential politics and polarization 13. Presidential signing statement 14. Psychobiography 15. Solicitor general 16. Senatorial courtesy 17. Symbolic dimensions of the Presidency 18. Textbook Presidency
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Unformatted text preview: 19. Unitary executive 20. White House Office of Communication Section Two- Essay – Worth fifty points- Answer one of two 1. How was the presidency evolved since 1789? 2. Discuss the concept of presidential personality and its effect on presidential performance. 3. Trace the evolution of presidential rhetoric since the inception of the republic. 4. What are some of the factors that influence presidential success with Congress? What would these factors suggest for the likelihood of the new administration’s success or failure?...
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  • Dowdle
  • President of the United States, Line Item Veto, presidential politics, presidential success, 2. Executive privilege, Judicial appointment process

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