American Chief Executive Midterm Study Guide

American Chief Executive Midterm Study Guide - PLSC 4223-01...

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PLSC 4223-01 Spring 2009 Midterm Review Dr. Dowdle Section One – Identification-Worth fifty points-Answer six of nine 1. Executive agreement - the conduct of foreign affairs has come to rely on executive agreements between heads of state in place of treaties. The agreements do not require Senate ratification, as treaties do, although many are given legislative approval by statute or a joint resolution of Congress. 2. Executive privilege - denying information to Congress to preserve the quality of advice the president receives. The power that the president can claim to resist subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government. 3. Frontloading - when states move their primaries to earlier spots in the schedule. 4. Going public - issuing campaign-like appeals for citizen support, rather than the traditional strategy of bargaining with other elites. It has become key to presidential success in the modern era. 5. Issue advocacy- media advertisements that do not expressly support or oppose a candidate but ostensibly educate the public about an issue or a candidate’s position on an issue. 6. Judicial appointment process, recent changes in- Bush sought to expand the discretion afforded the chief executive in the appointment process. The Bush administration sough to reduce the influence of “senatorial courtesy” meaning the traditional power yielded by senators to suggest some nominees and to block others for judicial vacancies in their home states. Page 189 7. Legislative strategy, George W. Bush
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American Chief Executive Midterm Study Guide - PLSC 4223-01...

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