Constitution Study Guide Test 2- michelle

Constitution Study Guide Test 2- michelle - SCC Exam 2...

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SCC Exam 2 Study Guide Identifications: Federalist #47: federalist paper that addressed the Anti-federalist concern that our system of government is not segmented enough. Madison addressed criticisms that the Constitution did not create a sufficient separation of powers among the executive, judiciary, and legislature. He interpreted the Montesquieu as not meaning that these departments ought to have no partial agency in, or no control over, the acts of each other. His view supported a system of checks and balances. Federalist #48: the checks and balances system is necessary so the legislature does not draw the other branches down. In order to practically maintain the branches as separate and distinct, they must have constitutional control over each other. This was addressing the concern that the legislature has the capability, more than the others, to encroach on the other branches. Implied Powers: powers that are not clearly stated in the Constitution, but are so necessary that it can be inferred of its necessity (ex: have to draft to maintain an army). Problem- one can assume anything can be implied. “Speech or Debate” Clause: provides mechanisms for Congress to discipline its members, but also contains a safeguard against harassment or intimidation. Gravel v. United States (1972) states who and what are protected. Who- Senators and Representatives and their aides. What- items that are an integral part of the deliberative and communicative processes by which Members participate in committee and House proceedings with respect to the consideration and passage or rejection of proposed legislation or with respect to other matters which the Constitution places within the jurisdiction of either House. Myers v. U.S. (1926): helped establish power of removal for the president. President Wilson tried to fire a postmaster. Court decided that because it’s an executive position, the president has the power to make this removal. Justice Taft determined this by finding
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Constitution Study Guide Test 2- michelle - SCC Exam 2...

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