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South and the Law Study Guide 1

South and the Law Study Guide 1 - South and the Law Study...

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South and the Law Study Guide Test: 5 identifications; Answer who, what, when, where, whey? 2 short answers. Lincoln’s Plan – While the Civil War was going on, Lincoln declares a proclamation of amnesty. This was for the areas already taken by the North. Lincoln wants confederates to sign an oath of loyalty. If 10% sign then the states can go back into the union as long as they abolish slavery. Lincoln wants to let the South back in the Union. Radicals think Lincoln’s plan is bad and the South should be punished. Reconstruction Act of 1867 - Divides the South into 5 military districts with 200,000 soldiers. It stripped all confederates of political office. They registered many black voters and put them in office. Carpetbaggers - Northerners who come to the south for money. To take land and start business. Many were reformers who came up to help start schools and churches. Civil Rights Act of 1875- makes people have to serve everyone in their business. People didn’t think that African Americans should be admitted. Government facilities have to be operated for everyone. People just start to privatize business to keep blacks out. Plessey V. Ferguson- 1 st Mississippi Plan - whites use violence, kill blacks trying to vote. Violence and intimidation used to keep blacks from voting. Black Codes - a way for whites to disenfranchise African Americans. Poll taxes, literacy tests, etc. Poll taxes- Convict lease system All-white primary Johnson’s Plan- Much harsher then Lincoln’s plan. Confiscated all Southern officers land. Anyone with $20,000 property was stripped of land. The plan wants to redistribute the wealth and only hurt rich farmers. Johnson only wants to hurt the confederate elites. Scalawags – originally a term meaning, “worthless livestock”. Scalawags were Native Southerners who were taking advantage of upheaval from Reconstruction. Usually from lower classes. Jim Crow
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14 th amendment- The equal protection clause, gives citizenship to African Americans.
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South and the Law Study Guide 1 - South and the Law Study...

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