Southern law take home essay 1

Southern law take home essay 1 - Tyler Farrar South and the...

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Tyler Farrar 10/7/2008 South and the Law Take Home Essay Question #1 The trial and lynching of Leo Frank represent the complex social changes that were taking place in the South at the beginning of the 20 th century. Leo Frank personifies the South’s changing social order. His trial and lynching were the direct result of newly realized roles in society during the time of industrialization. The economic change redeveloped the social order of the South. Leo Frank became the scapegoat for Southern society’s reluctance to accept the changes in the role of women, the family, and the social hierarchy brought about by industrialization. Leo Frank symbolizes the South’s unwillingness to accept change. His trial and lynching can be connected to almost every aspect of social change in the South. Leo Frank embodies the South’s tension over change. Leo Frank was a Jewish man, who had moved to Georgia from New York. Frank was a wealthy and respected factory owner. He was a carpetbagger and an outsider to the public from every aspect. The public was threatened by Leo Frank because he represented the South’s economic change. The South was in a transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy. Frank was an alien from the South’s predominantly rural, agricultural, Protestant culture (Klarman 120). The South was unwilling to
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Southern law take home essay 1 - Tyler Farrar South and the...

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