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Program 2 Grade Sheet – Fall 2010 Strings Name: ______________________ Source Code – 30 points. Points earned: _______________ Indentation Internal comments Scope terminators Overall program structure Javadoc – 10 points. Points earned: ________________ Conformance to Javadoc requirements (author, date, etc.) Program Design – 0 points. Points earned: ______N/A _______ Appropriateness of the objects and their services provided
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Unformatted text preview: Interface to objects Attribute and method visibility Inputs – 3 0 points. Points earned: ______________________ Prompts - clarity Adhering to requirements . Validation of inputs Outputs – 30 points. Points earned: ____________________ Accuracy and Format Appearance per specification Inclusion of headers / descriptors as described Total points: _____________ Comments:...
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