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COP 2551 – Intro to Object Oriented Programming Quiz #1 Spring 2010 Name: ______________________ Answer the following questions as appropriate. 1. How many unique items can be represented with the following? (write your answers to the right of the categories listed: e.g, 10 bits = 2**10 or 1024 . a. 2 bits b. 4 bits c. 5 bits d. 8 bits 2. What does ‘non-volatile’ mean? Is primary memory volatile or non-volatile? 3. API stands for: 4. Java is an example of a __________ generation programming language. (1 st, 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th ) 5. ……… (True, False) Primary memory is sometimes referred to as ROM. 6………. (True, False) the Central Processing Unit has two primary parts: the Arithmetic and Logic Unit and the Control Unit. 7……… (True, False)The World Wide Web is a global network connecting millions of computers. It is a network of networks. 8………. (True, False) Just as java is a programming language, so too HTML is a programming
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Unformatted text preview: language used to format documents that can be displayed in a web browser. 9………. Select the best match. Implementing a solution to a problem is done in: a. Specifying requirements b. Undertaking a design c. Programming d. Testing e. Deployment and maintenance 10. Objects communicate by sending ________________________ to other objects a. spears b. rocks c. messages d. shouts 11. When a java source program is compiled, a ________________ file is produced. 12. (True/False) Circle your choice. a Java program is both compiled and interpreted. 13. Dividing by zero is an example of a: a. compile-time error b. logical error c. run-time error d. I-have-no-clue error. 14. the program that translates a source language into an executable form is a/an: a. interpreter b. GUI-interface c. compiler d. have-no-clue on Tuesdays...
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