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2551.quiz2.Summer2010 - COP 2551 Quiz#2 Summer 2010 Name...

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COP 2551 – Quiz #2 Summer 2010 Name: ___________________ Quiz is worth 20 points. Please place the letter corresponding to your answer ON THE DOTS to the right of the question number. DO NOT CIRCLE YOUR ANSWER. ………. . Which of the following is an example of a primitive data type? a. Integer b. String c. Scanner d. Random 2. ………. The actual number of bits used internally to represent an integer adiscussed in class was: a. 16 b. 32 c. 8 d. 48 3 ……….The operator, +, may be used to concatenate strings together as well as add two numeric quantities together. a. True b. False 4 - 5. ……….If I wished to print out, “I Love COP 2551” , write the needed Java code. 6………… The name of the special type of character needed to accomplish the printing out of characters like a double quote within a double quote is called a/an _______ character. 7………. If I have a variable that is a constant, then I must define the variable name with capital letters. a. True b. False
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